March of the Zombies 6

Joe Punicki of Stellar Growl- Artist

Stellar Growl is the work of one artist named Joe Punicki. Joe trys not to put any limitation on opportunity, ability or style. He likes creative dares and multimedia designs Go to Stellar Growl to contact Joe for creative possibilities, and view his ever expanding digital museum.


Carmine of BLK MTL/A.D.D. - Live Art Performer

Ted of Working Class Ink- Artist

Ted is an amazing artist, who expresses his passion for the rockabilly and steam punk aesthetic, through personalized handmade pieces.  His body of work features paintings, coffin coffee tables, toy guns and intricate goggles.  His gorgeous sugar skull poster prints are captivating and available for purchase.  He also accepts offers for commission work or original/repaints of any of his current work upon request.  Look for this featured artist at the March of the Zombies II fashion show.

Comic Book Classroom

Comic Book Classroom  is a nonprofit, free after school program for elementary and middle school aged children that teaches literacy and arts education through the medium of
comics. Students learn to love reading, how to employ better reading and critical skills, and how to draw with basic art techniques in this six-week curriculum-based program. In addition to offering a wide variety of age-appropriate books to choose from during reading, we also provide supplies and instruction for children to create their own comics, and these comics are collected and published into a small book and given to the students of the course at the end. Our primary goals are to increase children's literacy and critical skills, while still meeting state standards-based educational objectives, and to provide quality after-school programming to all interested students. Take a moment to check out a write
up about us in the Denver Post.

Comic Book Classroom's primary fundraiser for 2012 is Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference (DCC/LC). The Rocky Mountain Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels will be held leading up to the Con, and will bring in scholars and speakers from the field of comics scholarship for a lively two-day series of panels and roundtable discussions on current issues in the filed of comics. Denver Comic Con is unlike other conventions of its kind in that the focus of this 3-day event will be on education and family-focused comics entertainment and programming. Further, all proceeds from DCC/LC will directly benefit the Comic Book Classroom project, and the furthering of its literacy education goals.


Jeremy of Absinthe Photography

"Should there happen to be a zombie apocalypse, Jeremy Hochhalter of Absinthe Photography might be in some trouble...he won't be able to tell his typical photoshoot from the chaos and undead going on around him.  However, he might get to finally shoot the zombie wedding he's been hoping for!
A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, his work as Absinthe Photography tends to stray from the norm into the macabre and horrific.  To keep up on his misadventures in photoland, become a fan on Facebook :"

Dianah & Hans of Zen Photos

Zen Photography, from Parker, CO, is an innovative photography company with a rare, new found vision.  Not only does
 Zen Photography excel at standard wedding, portrait and event photography, but Zen is forging a new niche, rarely found
 in today's art community.  We bring photographic art to a whole new level by utilizing a variety of software post-production
 techniques which accentuates the image's beauty and detail. 

By applying high dynamic range (HDR) processing, our images surpass standard image enhancement methods.  See for yourself.  Visit our website and see our "music promotions gallery,"  and compare the standard and HDR techniques applied to John Legend as we photographed him at a Denver University concert a few years ago.

 We are proud to support Creative to Bless and The March of the Zombies IV.  Our "edgy" style is made to order for shooting
 zombies.  We look forward to seeing you at the concert and hopefully you'll enjoy our vision of the event.
Dianah & Hans
 Zen Photography

 Thomas Tamura- Videographer

Thomas Tamura graduated from Regis University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in cinematography and specializes in shooting and supervising VFX shots.  In addition, Thomas is also an FxPhp certified Nuke artist.  Over his ten year freelance career he has shot content for MTV Europe, Duo Creative, Massive Media, Joe Lewis Company, BLB Investors and Paciugo Authentic Gelato.   As a freelancer Thomas has worked on a gamut of projects including: 30 second spots, feature documentary, television, sports, and narratives.  As a compositor his effects won him honorable mention at the 2009 Bare Bones Intl. film festival for best FX.  Recently, Thomas worked on motion graphic for Harris Broadcasting 2011 NAB presentation.  In his spare time Thomas and his Greyhound, Papa Dave, proudly volunteer for Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption.

Connect with Thomas via his website or email

Aaron Spriggs- SFX Zombie Artist

Aaron has an extensive background in biology, starting as a nerd in junior high school and building from there. He spent several years working at animal hospitals, learning comparative anatomy and what traumatized tissues look like on different species. Event, despite his best efforts, he got his degree in zoology (and entomology double major) and ended up working at a natural history museum, tending the dead zoo.
As for his makeup skills, Aaron's interest in movie EFX makeup dates back to preteens, making home made movies with friends, attempting time laps photography for werewolves and just soaking up styles and techniques in general.

One of Aaron's goals in life is to combine art and science in his everyday life, and doing zombie makeup is a natural fit for this behavior. He brings his knowledge of flesh and anatomy with his interest in special effect make. Mixed with a child like finger-painting desire, and viola, you have Aaron's makeup skills. Look for the insects (flies and ants usually) glued to the models as his signature. After all, zombies rotting would attract flies, even if the corps is ambulatory.

Depicted: Aaron Spriggs, Photo Credit: Jess D'Arbonne

David Britton- SFX Zombie Artist

David's fascination with blood and guts came at an early age. At 6 years old he saw the film "Child's Play". Shortly after, his mother found him beating in the head of his My Buddy doll with a hammer in their driveway. While this was somewhat a traumatizing experience, it made a lasting impression. For the remainder of his childhood and into his teen years, he continued to watch every horror movie he could get get his hands on. The whole time wondering "how do they do that?". Using cheaply made department store make-up, David started to experiment. Once away at college he started meeting others with the same fascination, which only pushed him to experiment more. What was a obsessive fascination had now become a full-fledged hobby. David continues to lend his make-up skills to many projects including short films, performance art, Denver's Annual Zombie Crawl, Circus of Fear 3D and of course March of the Zombies!


Depicted: David Britton (bottom Left) and his SFX work on MOTZ models is shown above.  

Elizabeth Fitter- SFX Zombie Artist

Elizabeth loved having an excuse to play a different character every time Halloween rolled around since her early childhood days. The costumes, decorations, and makeup, especially caught her eye and made the world into a more interesting place for her to be. Whether it was fairies, murder victims, or more often than not, zombies, Halloween was the starting point of a makeup fascination. Through observation and lessons from fellow make up artists, she started playing around with different household materials to get truly terrifying effects. Outside the annual March of the Zombies, Elizabeth attends school and practices special effects whenever possible. This past Halloween she worked as a makeup artist for the Circus of Fear and enjoyed every minute of it

Depicted: Elizabeth Fitter (bottom Left) and her SFX work on MOTZ models is shown above.

Alan of Colorado Skin Works- SFX Face & Body Artist

Alan Anderson is local to the Denver, CO. area and he paints using primarily sponge and brush techniques. His expereince includes painting for haunted houses, and zombie walks and he gets his inspiration from the macabre and horror side of special effects. Although he recently has started doing more non-horror designs, his true passion is the wicked and undead! From fantasy art, to realistic gore, to simply beautifying a model's portfolio, Alan is known for his detail and creativity, and professionalism!  Come check out Alan's handiwork on the models featured in the March of the Zombies IV fashion show.


Midian of Monster Makeup FX- Zombie Specialist

Monster Makeup FX offers special effects makeup, props, high definition beauty and airbrush makeup, blood effects, puppets, life-casting, Halloween mask making, theatrical teeth manufacture, hair styling and costuming services for film, video, theatre and commercial projects. Owner "Monster" Midian Crosby is a trained, award winning makeup effects artist with a decade of experience in film production services.

Make-Up & Hair By:  Pin Up Pretty 

Featured Author Brian Kaufman at M.O.T.Z. IV for Book Signing

 “Dead Beyond the Fence” is a novel about the inevitable zombie apocalypse. The dead have risen, and there’s no safe place. Coworkers Kevin and Angel take refuge in a college-town research facility. Together with a handful of desperate survivors, they battle the dead and each other in a race against the clock to find a cure. Meanwhile, Angel has a secret that may mean the death of them all.

“Beautiful, haunting and tragic.”

            Desmond Reddick, Dread Media

“[Kaufman] will chill you and have you trying to wipe out the images from your memory bank. But you won’t be able to. He is too good.”

            Nancy Hansford, Fort Collins Coloradoan

Brian Kaufman is the author of three novels and two textbooks. He lives in the mountains north of Laporte with his wife, his dog and a rotating assortment of children.

 Depicted: Author, Brian Kaufman